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Significance of using waterproof touch switch

Release Time:2020-08-05

Many people know that the most important thing for electrical appliances is not to be stained with water. If it is stained with water, many problems will appear. For example, if it is an iron product, it is easy to rust and damage after being stained with water. Moreover, if the product needs to use electricity, it can never be stained with water, because if it is stained with water, then there will be short circuit problem, if it is serious, it is possible Will cause life-threatening, so this requires that the products we use have a certain degree of waterproof.
Let's take the switch installation. For most people, it's OK to install any switch that can be used. There's no need to care about it. In fact, it's not. The switch mentioned here is not the light switch we usually use, but the switch installed in many electrical appliances. Although we may feel that the switch installed in the electrical appliance is not impressive, we may not I don't know that the switch installed in the electrical appliance plays a very important role. If there is a problem with the switch, the whole appliance may be scrapped. Therefore, when we install the switch, we should choose to install a waterproof light touch switch, because if the switch we choose is waterproof, we don't have to worry about the short circuit of some wires due to water At the same time, the electrical appliance we use will not be broken because of the switch.
In addition to this, waterproof light touch switch has many advantages. Take the waterproof light touch switch produced by Dongguan pinzan Technology Co., Ltd., for example, he will produce waterproof switch according to waterproof standard. We should know that at the beginning, the waterproof standard is IP65, and the waterproof standard required by the development of science and technology has reached IP68, so now the market On a lot of waterproof light touch switch, maybe its waterproof standard is not up to the standard, and the products produced by Dongguan pinzan Technology Co., Ltd. are not the same, because its products are subject to an air tightness test. The air tightness test is the best test in the world to test the waterproof property of products, so this can ensure that Dongguan pinzhan science and Technology Co., Ltd., its The waterproof property of the waterproof light touch switch is up to the standard.


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