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Introduction of internal structure of toggle switch

Release Time:2021-05-03

The toggle switch is to switch the circuit on or off by toggle the switch handle, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. Many people have seen the appearance, shape and pin form of the toggle switch, but the internal structure of the toggle switch is rarely seen, because no one has ever disassembled it. The toggle switch has one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight gears; There are single row, double row, three row and other forms. Whether it is a transverse handle, a straight handle or a miniature handle, its internal structure is similar. There are three types of iron shell moving: glue, ball and shrapnel, among which the shrapnel moving has the highest service life, hand feeling and unit price; Cheap, simple and easy to do is to move the glue; Bozhu is a middle-class move.
Today we will take you to see the internal structure and components of the toggle switch! The toggle switch is composed of:
1. Nickel plating on iron shell (salt spray 12-24 hours)
2. The rubber handle is made of plastic materials (materials are divided into POM, PPA and PBT)
3. The chip is made of phosphor copper and silver (the contact resistance can be less than 30 milliohm)
4. The pin of terminal block is made of silver plated brass
5. The bottom board is composed of PCB board
6. The spring is made of high performance spring imported from Japan
7. Dispensing is made of sealed temperature resistant red glue
8. The ball is made of stainless steel
The internal structure of the micro toggle switch is similar to that of the toggle switch, but the form is different. Another thing is that it has many unique features. For example, compared with other switches, it has the feature of flexible slider action. This shows that the speed of its switch is very fast, because we know that as a switch, if we have pressed the switch, but because its slider action is not flexible, we can't turn off the power in time, Then it may cause some unnecessary trouble. Also, it has the characteristic of stable performance, which shows that it is very stable in the process of use, and there will be no small failures or problems.


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