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Difference between straight handle toggle switch and horizontal handle toggle switch

Release Time:2021-10-19


The straight handle toggle switch industry is represented by "SS" and the cross handle toggle switch industry is represented by "SK".

Toggle is also called sliding and band. Its name is colorful, but it is also very practical to express its function.

Its performance includes: 1p2t, 1p3t, 1p4t, 1p5t, 1p6t, 1p7t, 2p2t, 2p3t, 2P4T, 2p6t

2p3t, 3p4t, 3p6t. The number in front of P represents the number of rows of switch pins, that is, 1p is the switch of one row of pins.

The number in front of T represents the gear of the switch, that is, 2T is a two gear switch.

There are two types of toggle switch structures: one is rubber replacement, which is to punch a bump on the iron shell as the gear

Interval, this method has advantages in product production, but the service life will not be too high. This should be based on the needs of product design

One is to walk the shrapnel, which is to place the wave beads and shrapnel inside the switch, relying on the wave beads to walk the gear,

This switch also uses a lot of materials, and the price will certainly be relatively high, but the product life and feel are very good.

Composition of toggle switch:

There are two materials for plastic handle: one is PBT material, which is also called saigang material in the industry. This material is relatively hard and suitable for rubber replacement, but

It is not suitable for wave soldering because its temperature resistance is limited by, and the temperature resistance is only 200 °.

One is nylon, which is also PA66 in the industry. This material will be slightly softer and suitable for walking shrapnel. Its temperature resistance is better,

Its temperature resistance can reach 250 °, and wave soldering can be used. Our high temperature resistant toggle switch is made of this material.

Basic description of toggle switch:

Travel: D: 2.0mm, using power rating: 15W, switching category timing (optional): NS (non shorting)

Contact resistance: 70 milliohm, insulation resistance: 100 megohm,

Withstand voltage: AC 500V for 1 minute.

Market applications:

1. Audio and video products: MP3, MP4 audio;

2. Digital products: digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc;

3. Communication products: mobile phone, car phone, telephone, building equipment, PDA, etc;

4. Security products: visual walkie talkie, monitor, etc;

5. Toys: electronic toys, etc;

6. Computer products: cameras, etc;

7. Fitness equipment: electronic body fat scale, treadmill, etc;

8. Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, hospital call system, etc.

Straight handle toggle switch and cross handle toggle switch:

The straight handle is the P pin of its switch and the handle becomes 180 °, which is the straight handle.

The cross handle is that the handle of its switch and P pin becomes 90 °, which is the cross handle.

There is no difference in function and performance between the two. The biggest difference lies in the structural choice of customers' products.

Precautions for toggle switch

1. Use chemicals with caution

The bottom plate of the toggle switch uses synthetic resin such as polycarbonate, so the potentiometer shall not be exposed to the strong atmosphere of ammonia, amine, alkali solution, hematoxylin, ketone, ester, halohydrocarbon and other chemicals.

2. Use flux with caution

Avoid using water-soluble flux when soldering tin, otherwise it will have adverse effects on the metal and other materials constituting the toggle switch.

3. Soldering tin

The wiring design and soldering method shall avoid causing molten tin to flow to the upper plane of PC board, which will cause poor contact.

4. Low temperature operation

When the product is used in low temperature environment, such as car radio or car audio in cold zone, the company provides comfortable products according to customer requirements. Please explain when ordering.

5. Length of sliding handle

The shorter the length, the better (at least 5mm). When the width a of the sliding handle remains unchanged, the shorter the length of the sliding handle, the better the hand feel, and the higher the output point, the worse the hand feel.

6. Drive arm

Do not keep the operating point away from the center line of the sliding handle. For the same reason, the shorter the distance b, the better.


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