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Quality Control and Inspection of Light Touch Switch

Release Time:2019-02-18

Touch switch must have good quality in order to have good use, then how does good quality come from? One is to grasp the quality of the project, constantly check, and the other is to pay attention to the selection, the following are better on these issues for you to introduce.
The key factors affecting the quality of light touch switch are the protection, solderability, reliability of conduction, life, handle, production process and installation size of light touch switch. The first factor is pin base material. The pin base material of light touch switch is brass or phosphorus copper (low grade is iron). In order to reduce contact resistance, pins are basically silver plated and treated in silver-encounter air. SO2 gas will oxidize, which directly affects the solderability and contact resistance of the switch. Therefore, the high quality light touch switch should be controlled in the silver plating thickness of the pin base material and the silver plating process.
Touch switch is the fourth generation switch product developed with the development of electronic technology. The earliest volume is 12 mm x 12 mm, 8 mm and 8 mm. Now it is 6 mm less than 6 om. There are three types of product structure: vertical, horizontal and horizontal with ground ends. Now there are two kinds of combination (3M, 4M, SM, 6M, SM) and potentiometer light touch switch combination, which meet the requirements of various domestic electronic products. Installation sizes are 6.smm fire 4.5mm, 5.5mm fire 4mm and 6mm fire 4mm. There are 4.5mm and 4.5mm miniature light touch switches and chip light touch switches abroad. The chip light touch switches are suitable for surface assembly.
Electrical life; Skills requirements: 1. Insulation resistance, voltage strength fit; 2. Electrical performance fit
Inspection method: under rated voltage 12V/100mA, after 30,000 times of switch operation
Cryogenic storage; Skills requirements: Testing after the test should be conducted without hindrance to switch lifting and mechanical action damage and other visible damage.
Inspection method: Put the switch in - 25 2 low temperature environment for 24 hours, then take it out, and recover for 2 hours under normal temperature (25 3 temperature 40 - 80%).
High Temperature Storage; Skills Requirements: Testing after testing should be conducted without hindering the damage of switchgear and mechanical action and other visible damage.
Inspection method: The switch was placed at 85 2 C for 24 hours, then it was taken out and rehabilitated at normal temperature (25 3 40 - 80%) for 2 hours.
Hot and humid test; Skill requirements: After the test, there should be no damage to switch electrical and mechanical action and other visible damage.
Inspection method: The switch was placed at 93% and 40 C for 24 hours, then it was taken out and rehabilitated for 2 hours at normal temperature (25 3 40 - 80%).
Salt spray test; Skill requirements: Inside the shrapnel, pin rust-free and other bad
Inspection method: the temperature is 35 C, 5% NaCl solution is sprayed continuously, the pH value is between 6.5~7.2 and 168 hours.
Immersion test; at the oil temperature of 60 + 5 C, the life of the light touch switch is soaked in the inner for 15 minutes before and after the test, and there is no phenomenon of oil entering.
Above is the quality of light touch switch need attention, but also the method of improving the quality of light touch switch.


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