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Circuit Control of Light Touch Switch

Release Time:2019-10-12

Touch switch is also a kind of switch which can control the current. The use of this switch is very popular. In the use of more, so the circuit is also needed to understand the situation, the following detailed description.
At present, the distinction between touch and key is not very clear for many customers. In fact, both of them can be called keys. As the name implies, our consumers are using product types, pressing down functional response can be called keys, but the current touch can not be called keys. Touch switch refers to the surface of the lightly switch off the circuit to interrupt the current, so that the current information and the main control function IC react to achieve the function. The key switch means that when we press it, there will be an automatic locking circuit, which leads to the current conduction to achieve our on-off performance. Once the circuit is locked, the current is always flowing to achieve long-term power-on, also known as the power switch. So the two kinds of circuit designs are completely different, but with very similar functions, there are many people who are not in the electronics industry confused.
The circuit characteristics of light touch switch are simple, but its functions are abundant. Several functions can be designed by single press. Each current response can be designed as a recognition. For example, we can control the volume, increase or decrease the sound every time we press it, and also can be used to control the switch function of the product. This is the case with the power button of mobile phone. It is the reason that this switch is widely chosen. The circuit design of button switch is simpler, but its function is also very simple. Generally, it can only be used as power button. As long as the line is locked, the product will be working all the time. For example, once our TV is switched on, it will be waiting for us to turn off, that is, the function of button switch. After the introduction above, I believe that you will understand the circuit characteristics and design methods of touch and button, and know how to distinguish and use it.


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