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The reason of high resistance of switch

Release Time:2020-06-02

When we use the switch, we may have the problem of high resistance. How can we reduce these problems? This requires us to understand.
Once the product has a high resistance, what effect will it have on our switches? First of all, if the resistance value is high, it means the negotiation of the switch. If the contact area of the shrapnel is less, then the contact area of the shrapnel is less, which will lead to the non-contact of the switch. In this way, once we do not touch the switch, it will become bad. Therefore, we must treat the resistance value of the switch seriously.
Don't think of it as a small problem. The electroplating requirements are also quite high. If the plating is good, the resistance value will be lower. In addition, our switch will pass the life test before use, so the life test will also affect the resistance value and the shrapnel. The surface of the shrapnel will have certain wear. If our electricity is very thin, then the resistance will gradually increase, so the switch will not become. So in real life, we must strictly deal with the high resistance value of tap switch. If you don't understand anything, you can ask our customer service personnel. In other words, you can consult the service personnel online, and they will tell you what to do.
Moreover, some of them are very clear. When they press the switch gently, they will not be able to turn it on. Many consumers will find such a problem. When they use the product, they often find that the key cannot be pressed, or it cannot be pressed, or it does not respond when they press it dark. Then this problem is that the key does not turn on. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to press it Only by moving products can we respond.
So why is this problem. Our switches are first exposed to the air, so many of the finished products are not sealed, many of them are exposed to the air, and consumer electronic products are more like this, so consumer electronic products need heat dissipation, if the heat dissipation effect is not very good, this kind of bad phenomenon will appear. And if it's in wet weather, the opened shrapnel is easy to be oxidized. After oxidation, its foundation and performance are not as good as before, and its contact performance will be greatly reduced, so the problem of non conduction will also occur. Here we must use him reasonably in advance.


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