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Polarity detection of DC socket is very necessary

Release Time:2019-02-28

DC socket polarity detection before use, in this case, we will avoid the occurrence of batch failures, so the following will teach you the introduction and detection of DC socket polarity, hope you study hard.
On the decoration work of home-purchasing houses, it is a compulsory course for all people who buy houses, but because some decoration engineers have no sense of responsibility and can not be responsible for customers, so that people who buy houses have no guarantee of life, moving in decoration or other wires are not standardized, so it is common to cause dangerous chaos caused by the inversion of the fire line.
How can we care for the safety of family members? Professional experts here suggest that decoration should use sockets with polarity detection function. When DC sockets show the absence of ground wire or zero-line inversion environment, the indicator lights will automatically turn on, and remind users to take timely measures. Nowadays, there are few manufacturers with polarity detection function for socket products on the market. When purchasing, please identify qualified manufacturers to avoid wealth and personal risks caused by poor quality sockets.
In short, when choosing DC or power sockets, we must not forget to make a comprehensive examination of their safety functions. In addition, we should go to shopping malls, supermarkets or well-known e-commerce websites to buy well-known brand power plugs and sockets, such as breaking sockets, which are specially made sockets. Many large enterprises pay great attention to their own brand image. They have higher requirements for product quality and relatively guarantee after-sales service. Finally, different types of switches and sockets should be used in different places.
DC socket polarity detection is such, in the later use will also have a lot of benefits, please carefully detect.


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