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Details of DC socket installation height

Release Time:2019-05-05

DC socket is a necessary socket in many electrical appliances. It is used for transmission. In addition, it is widely used in TV and computer. Today Dongguan Dongkun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. mainly introduces the installation height of DC socket, mainly for the convenience of everyone.
DC socket installation height (different use, different height):
1. The power switch is generally between 120 cm and 135 cm above the ground (the height of the switch is as high as the shoulder of an adult).
2. The wall sockets of audio-visual equipment, desk lamps, wiring boards and so on are generally 30 cm away from the ground (the living room sockets depend on TV cabinets and sofas), the sockets of washing machines are 120 cm to 150 cm away from the ground, the sockets of refrigerators are 150 cm to 180 cm, the sockets of air conditioners and exhaust fans are 190 cm to 200 cm away from the ground, and the kitchen functional sockets are 1100 cm away from the ground and 600 are placed 1.
3. European detachment position is generally suitable for setting the longitudinal coordinate at 2200 mm from the ground, and the abscissa coordinate can determine the middle of the left and right length of the smoking machine itself, so that the power plug and the detachment back wall will not collide, and the socket is located in the center of the detachment pipeline. When high-power household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, electric water heaters and induction cookers are frequently used (e.g. in summer or winter), it is the first consideration to ensure the safety of electricity consumption to determine whether the combined power consumption exceeds the load. First, we should check whether the household electricity is enough.
This is how to use and install DC sockets. We must pay attention to these problems when installing DC sockets.


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