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The principle and types of micro-switch are introduced in detail.

Release Time:2019-03-18

With the development of the times, micro-switch is used more and more. Can you understand the principle and types of micro-switch? If you don't know, please know more about the knowledge we share with you, and please study more in these areas.
I. Principle of Micro Switch
The micro-switch is that its rotating elements are pins, buttons, rollers and levers. As long as the external mechanical force is applied to the spring sheet through the rotating element, the force will be instantaneous when the spring is moved to the critical point, which will make the spring touch the contact point, thus realizing the disconnection and fast connection. From the connection mode of micro switch, we can also see its specific working principle. As for the wiring diagram of microswitch, only when the wiring is operated and connected, can it be used as a reliable reference design diagram to clarify the whole design circuit, and then problems will not occur in the wiring of the microswitch.
Types of Micro Switches
The micro-switch, like other switches, has thousands of varieties. According to the volume classification, there are ordinary, small and ultra-small micro-switches. The wiring methods of micro-switches with different volumes are also different. If distinguished according to the protective nature, there are riot prevention, waterproof, dust prevention and so on. According to the breaking form, there are single-connected, double-connected, multi-connected and so on. At present, there is also a strong-disconnected micro-switch. As for the wiring diagram and method of this kind of micro-switch, it seems that there is not much difference from the general micro-switch, but there will be some difference in practicality.


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