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Introduction of current carrying capacity of headphone socket

Release Time:2019-05-06

The use of the headphone socket should have a certain carrying capacity on the current, including the effect of the mirror Angle, which should be listed, so the current of the headphone socket will be introduced to you in a unified way below, please have a detailed understanding.
The headphone socket series of new photoelectric switches usually have an automatic function to prevent mutual interference, so there is no need to worry about mutual interference. However, when a series of para-infrared photoelectric switches are mounted side by side, adjacent groups and mutual interference shall be prevented. The most effective way to prevent this kind of interference is to set the projector and the receiver intersecting and set the group distance apart when transcending the group. Of course, the use of different frequencies of the machine is also a good way. A series of reflective photoelectric switches are separated to prevent interference. Moreover, the farther the headphone socket is detected, the larger the interval should be. The specific interval should be determined according to the debugging situation. Of course, also can use the machine of different working frequency.
Mirror Angle influence: when the object under test has luster or meets smooth metal surface, the general reflectivity is very high, has the function of approximate mirror surface, at this time should be the projector and detection object installed into the Angle, in order to make its optical axis is not perpendicular to the object under test, so as to prevent misoperation. Exclude the influence of background objects: when using reflective diffusive projectors and light receivers, sometimes the photoelectric switch or the background is smooth or other objects with high reflectivity because the detected objects are close to the background objects and the photoelectric switch may not be able to detect stably. DC power socket due to the greater demand for electricity in winter, some users like to put the computer, electric heating and other plug in the same multi-purpose socket, although it is very convenient to use, but there are great safety risks. For electric heating, its starting current is very large, if and other high-power electrical appliances started at the same time, the socket contacts and leads will be difficult to withstand the sudden large load of electricity, mutual impact and damage the electrical appliances themselves, or even an accident.
Above is the headphone socket in the current bearing to do some requirements and understanding, but also we need to understand.


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