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Settings and usage of light touch switch

Release Time:2019-06-11

Light touch switch with lamp is the setting of light emitting diode in the switch. It is also suitable for installation and use of many electrical appliances. According to these problems, we will give you a targeted introduction.
Light touch switch terminals with lights can be divided into straight feet, bending feet, welding sheet type, fast connection and so on. When the light touch switch is detected, the two pens are connected with the two lead wires of the light emitting diode, such as the pin is deflected half, and there is a bright spot in the light emitting diode, indicating that the light emitting diode is positively connected. At this time, the positive pole is connected with the black pen (which is connected with the positive pole of the battery in the table); and the negative pole is connected with the red pen (which is connected with the negative pole of the battery in the table). Then the two pens are aligned and connected with the light-emitting diode. At this time, the counter needle should not move. If the meter needle is deflected to the head or does not move regardless of the forward or reverse access, the light emitting diode is damaged.
A good light touch switch is also very important for the life of the whole product. For example, computer keyboard, remote control and so on. If it is a poor quality light touch switch, the metal shrapnel will lose its elasticity and become ineffective after frequent press. Therefore, it is also very important to select the light touch switch. The key factors affecting the quality of light touch switch with lamp are the protection, solderability, reliability of conduction, life, handle, production process and installation size of light touch switch.
The competition in the light touch switch industry is very fierce. Sometimes the tested objects move to the proximity switch one after another at a certain time interval, leaving one after another, so that they repeat constantly. According to the analysis, the largest domestic demand in recent two years is light touch switch with lamp, the total demand is more than a billion or even more; the largest growth is film switch, the growth rate is more than 100%.
Above is the basic setting and use of light touch switch, I hope you can have a good understanding of these aspects.


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