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Use of toggle switch

Release Time:2020-04-22

What should we pay attention to when using the toggle switch? I'll introduce it to you today.
Many people are very interested in the switch, because the switch is really magical. After we press the switch, the light may be on, and the machine can start to run. So, the switch is widely used. It can be used in the field we touch, or in the field we haven't touched. We can see its function no matter where we use it. Toggle switch is the most widely used switch on the market now. This kind of switch is very easy to use, and its value is very high.
Because it has a wide range of applications, we use mobile phones and computers with this kind of toggle switch, and its volume is not very large, so it doesn't occupy much space, so it may appear in some relatively hidden places, we may not find it when we look at it, but people who design and transform electrical appliances must know the location of the toggle switch, they know the dial The operation principle of the switch and the operation method are also known. If it is used in daily life, what we should know most is its precautions, because precautions will help us to use it better, and also tell us how to operate it correctly and how to operate it wrongly. As long as we operate it in the correct way, it must be right. So what should we pay attention to when using the toggle switch? Let's have a look.
When the toggle switch is welded, it may add load on the terminal, which will lead to certain looseness. This situation is very common, and many toggle switches have this situation. If the toggle switch you are using also has looseness, you should pay special attention to it, because it may deform or deteriorate, once In this case, we can't use it, because it is very dangerous and may cause short circuit or electric shock. We must pay attention to this problem when using it. The second point to be noted is that the recommended circuit board should be used when welding, because it is relatively safe. If the through-hole printed circuit board is used additionally, it will lead to a certain change in thermal stress, which may be impossible for us to anticipate, so we must pay great attention to it, and even stop in case of any improper situation Stop and cut off the power supply. This is the best way to deal with it. Otherwise, you should pay attention to it when welding. Understand the adjustment of welding in advance, and then determine the specification of the circuit board when welding. If it is in conformity, it can be welded. If it is not, it should be replaced.
In the process of installing the toggle switch, two times of welding may be required. These two times of welding need to be carried out after the normal temperature. After the first welding, we should not install it immediately. We can not use it until it cools down a little and gradually recovers to the normal temperature, otherwise it will cause great trouble, and even cause peripheral deformation and end deformation Son's loosening. If you don't know the conditions of welding, then don't rush to process. It's best to wait until the conditions of mass production are determined before starting. This is the safest and most reliable. If you do it in this way, there will not be any problems or any safety problems. People who know how to toggle the switch should know.


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