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The light touch switch also has a shelf life.

Release Time:2019-05-15

Touch the switch is in use with a shelf life, friends know it? Is it very novel, so today you come, today's light touch switch manufacturers in these areas to give you a detailed introduction to the light touch switch warranty knowledge.
I believe you will see the shelf life before buying goods. The problem of shelf life is also very concerned. These goods we see in our daily life have shelf life. We need to use these products during the shelf life. If we exceed the shelf life, we will certainly not be able to use them properly, and the quality of the products will be affected. In fact, switches also have a certain shelf life, their shelf life is different, some goods may have a higher shelf life, and some may be lower, we certainly hope to buy these goods with a longer shelf life, when you select switches, you can try to touch the switch, which is a switch with a longer shelf life, its use is also very wide, we You can see this when you touch the switch lightly. Of course, touch switch has many advantages, such as easy to use and feel, if you still have doubts about the warranty period of touch switch, you can also learn more about the relevant information, let's take a look at it together.
The body of the light touch switch is made of plastic base. Its plastic base has three kinds of materials. These three materials are very regular, and the precision of the materials is relatively high. The most important thing is that it feels very good. We can find this when we use the light touch switch.
Different materials have different shelf-life, the shelf-life of these three materials are different, so people can go and see when using them. Generally speaking, their shelf-life is about 10 years, and some even longer. In 10 years or less, basically there will be no aging, but if more than 10 years, it will be very dangerous. Plastic base is also made of metal cover. Hardware cover is also a very common material. It uses iron cover and stainless steel. Both materials have a long service life, but we should remember to maintain them when we use them. The correct maintenance method can obtain many benefits, and it can also prolong their service life and bring benefits to people's use. Great convenience. Salt fog cover is also quite common. Salt fog cover itself is very useful, but its service life is not particularly long, generally about five years, if it is not rusty, it may be longer, which is enough for us to use in daily life, and some people will even replace it in three or four years.
In fact, the life of different types of light-touch switches is totally different, such as waterproof and ultra-thin light-touch switches will last longer. This switch uses plastic material. Its shelf life is about ten years. In normal circumstances, the shrapnel inside the switch is insulated from air. If it contacts with air, it will affect its service life. It will greatly reduce its service life, which may be shortened from 10 years to 8 o'clock or even shorter. These are also normal shelf life, of course, this is also a prerequisite, when using it, we should eliminate its oxidation, try not to let it contact with the air, so as to prolong the life of use, but also to bring advantages to people's use. Of course, we can also use some small methods to prolong the service life, that is, welding at the bottom to insulate the air, which can play a very good effect, the role of prolonging the shelf life is also very good.
Above is the problem of using the warranty period of light touch switch, which is not clear to us now. We should understand the problem of the warranty period and make the best use of it.


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